22 MAY 2017, MONDAY
10:00 - 10:10 7 A Research About Effects of Dynamic Warm-up on Isokinetic Leg Power of Sports Science Faculty Students
Özlem Orhan
68 Effect of 6-Week Core Training on SOME Motoric Features in Young Soccer Players
Nazmi Candoğan
98 Do Lower Extremity Fat Rates Determinants of Race Time of Undergraduate Triathletes?
Ülviye Bilgin
135 Determination of Distribution of Alpha - Actinin-3 R577X Polymorphism on Turkish Football Players
Hasan Mutlucan
205 The Effect of Coordination Training on Different Grounds on Aerobic Capacity of Snowboard-Cross Runners
Levent Tanyeri
242 The Comparison of Static and Dynamic Balance Scores of Free Style and Greco-Roman Style Young Men Wrestlers
Yahya Yıldırım
376 The Effects of Aerobic and Anaerobic Training on Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity
Can Akyıldız
448 The Research of Team-Player and Libero Performances of FIVB 2016 Volleyball Women's World Grand Prix
Faruk Korkmaz
568 The Research of Different Trainings effect on Acute Heart Rate Changes in Young Football players
Emirhan Pehlivan
10:10 - 10:21
42 Analysis of 12-14 Age Group Athletes and Young Wrestlers in Terms of Branch out of Their Physical, Motoric and Physiological Properties
Celal Bulğay
81 Technical - Tactic Analysis of 2015 World's Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship
Tolunay Keleş
125 The Effect of Basic Sports Training on Action Skills in Preschoolers
Elif Dönmez
139 Analysis of Success of the attended Countries in Rio 2016 in Terms of some Parameters
Batuhan Küçük
221 Analysis of Somatotype, Body Composition and Motoric Features of Turkish National Biathlon Team Players
Bahar Ateş
344 The Relationship Between Respiratory Function Test Parameters and Some Anthropometric and Motoric Features
Erhan Işıkdemir
377 The Comparison of Respiratory Functions of Junior Players in Different Team Sports Branches
Recep Kürkçü
454 The Effect of Power Trainings on Rapidness Performance in Football Players
Barış Baydemir
569 The Acute Effect of Proprioseptive NeuroMuscular Facilitation (PNF) Practices on Lower Extremity Flexor-Extensor Muscular Power in Elite Wrestlers
Gürcan Ünlü
10:22 - 10:32 49 Injury Types at Table Tennis Players and An Examination of These Injuries in Terms of Various Variables
Leyla Alizadehebadi
85 The Relationship between Sprint Swim and Repetitive Sprint Performances of Swimmers
Nazmi Candoğan
134 Evaluation of the Democratic Behaviors of Teachers in High Schools According to Student Perceptions
Gülsen Özcan
141 Analysis of the Relationship Among Speed, Rapidness and Start Performances of Women Volleyball Players
Tuğçe Bölükbaşı
222 Race Performance and Balance of Turkish National Biathlon Team
Neslihan Özcan
361 Examination of Some Motoric characteristic in Junior and Young Fencer's
Emre Çokal
378 Is There Any Relationship between Isokinetic Knee Power and Maximal Oxygen Consumption in a Cross Sectional Study?
İzzet Kırkaya
516 Examination of the Relationship between Anaerobic Power Values and Ages in Young Football Players
Gülsün Güven

Comparison of Y-Balance Values of Players in Different Branches
Gülcan Karaman

10:33 - 10:44 390 Relationship Between Intermittent Endurance And Repeted Sprint Performance Of Young Soccer Players
Erkan Akdogan
517 Examination of Personality Characters of Trainers in Terms of Some Variables
İzzet İnce
283 The Effect of Aero-Pilates Exercises on Some Physical Fit Values in Male Undergraduate students
Sevil Yıldırım
632 A Review Study for Examination of the Effects of Core Trainings on Athletic Performance
Okan Kamiş
303 Researching of the Factors Affecting Participation in Sports in High School Student's
Erol Doğan
631 The Effect of International Latin Dances Performance on Some Biochemical Parameters
İ. Banu Ayça
14:00 - 14:10
114 The Effect of Physical Activity Levels of Physical Therapy Students on Their Academic Success
Ferdi Başkurt
120 Examination of the Relationship between Physical Activity Levels and Life Quality in Overage People
Tuba İnce Parpucu
178 Imbalance of Hamstring Power in Amateur Football Player: Pilot Study
Fatma Ünver
197 Deaths due to Drowning in Turkey
Nurullah Emir Ekinci
247 Comparison of Body Mass Index and Balance Skills of Women and Men Players in Futsal Team
Kurtuluş Aslan
340 The Effect of Exercise on Complete Blood Count in Fighting Sports Players
Güler Buğdaycı

The Effect of 8-Week-Circuit Training on Body Mass Index and Girth of Sedentary Women
Yaren Ezer

567 Comparison of Level of Exhaustion and Depression of Undergraduates Who Sports and Non-Sports
Serkan Sevim
14:11 - 14:21 59 Examination of the Relationship between Sport Player Nutrition Knowledge and Nutrition Habits of Sports Sciences Faculty Students
Parvaneh Kharazi
115 Evaluation of Exercise Behaviors of Physical Therapy Students
Ferdi Başkurt
128 Effects Of Altitude Training On Oxidative Stress And Antioxidant Defense Markers İn Elite Pentathletes
Tuğba Sezer
207 The Comparison of Physical Activity Level and Life Quality in Normal and Over Weighted/Obese Individuals
Mükerrem Erdoğan
504 Determination of the Relationship between a few Anthropometric Measures and Biochemical Parameters in Elite Women and Men Wrestlers
Aslıhan Nefes
252 Ranking In Professional Tennis: Age, Experience Or Anthropometric Characteristics
Mustafa Söğüt
350 The Relationship between Biomotoric Features and Hewitt Test Performance in 13-15 aged Tennis Players
Müşerref Doruk
462 The Effect of Balance T-shirt on Postural Control in Active Individuals
Eylem Çelik
582 The Comparison of Flexibility and Actions Spesific to Tae Kwon Do in Kids Doing Tae Kwon Do in Terms of Gender
Mahmut Sürmeli
14:22 - 14:32 67 The Effects Of Agmatine Supplementation And/or Exercise Training On Cognitive Functions İn Aged Rats.
Savaş Torlak
117 The Effect of Hamstring Strain on Static Balance in Healthy Young Individuals
Zeliha Başkurt
130 The Distribution of Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (rs1801133) Polymorphism in Professional Bikers and Dancers
İpek Yüksel
228 The Effect of Using Corset and Bandage on Isokinetic Leg Power at Femur Area
Ebru Çetin
277 Injury Types at Table Team Players and An Examination of These Injuries in Terms of Various Variables Bursa Example
İlker Kirişci
365 The Examination of Gender Differences in Sensitivity of Shoulder Joint Position Feelings Evaluated by Different Weight Back Packs: Pilot Study
Bahar Aras
512 Examination of the Relationship between DXA Body Composition and Exercise Performance in Women Volleyball Players
Muhammed Mustafa Atakan
84 The Examination of some Parameters which Mainly Used in Evaluation of Sports in High School Tests
Ömer Faruk Bilici
14:33 - 14:44 118 Examination of Exercise Dependency Levels of Undergraduate Students
Zeliha Başkurt
132 The Effects of Acute High-Intensity Interval Training on Hematological Parameters in Sedentary Subjects
Tuğba Sezer
244 The Importance of Vitamin- D Receptor Gene (rs1544410 And Rs228570) and Vitamin- D Binding Protein Gene (rs7041 And Rs4588) Polymorphisms on Athletic Performance in a Turkish Cohort
Başak Funda Eken
555 An Elastography Study about Isolated Activity of Transversus Abdominis Muscle
Abdullah Ruhi Soylu
295 The Effect of Social and Sports Activity at School on Loneliness
Mehmet Uyar
366 The Effect of Nintendo Wii Fit Games on Balance in Sedentary Undergraduate Students.
Özgen Aras
562 Examination of the Relationship between Physical Activity and Body Composition in Adult Males
Senem Demirdel
155 The Comparison of Physical Activity Levels of Single and Married Gym Teachers
Bülent Ağbuğa
14:45 - 15:00 92 Examination of Nutritional Habit and Supportive Product Usage of Judo Players
Şahin Biçer
119 The Effect of Fore Arm Kinesio Taping on Maximal Grasping Power in Healthy People
Tuba İnce Parpucu
151 Eating Disorders in Sports Players: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Sedat Arslan
559 An Elastography Study about Multifidus and Musculus Erector Spinae Activation
Abdullah Ruhi Soylu
245 TT Genotypes and T Alleles of Taste 1 Receptor Member 3 Gene Rs307355 and Rs35744813 are Related With Taste Sense And Body Type in a Turkish Athlete Cohort.
Canan Sercan
324 Examination of Respiratory Functions of Turkish National Women Wrestling Team Players
Oğuzhan Mete
406 Examination of Park Areas of Municipalities in Terms of Sports
Neslişah Aktaş
34 Sports Drinks And Energy Drinks: Which One is Better For Sports Nutrition?
Sedat Arslan
605 The Effect of One Season Endurance Trainings on Anaerobic Treshold Running Speed of Young Football Players
Mehmet Ulaş
15:00 - 15:10 620 The Effect of Plyometric Training on Some Physical Fit Features of Sedantary Youngs
Hüseyin Topçu
628 The Effect of 10 Week Training programs Including Educational Games on Liver Enzymes Levels, Uric Acid, Ure and Creatine Kinase Activity
Zarife Pancar
334 Examination of Depression Levels of Undergraduates with Beck Depression Scale: Ondokuz Mayıs University Example
Egemen Ermiş
335 Examination of the Relationship between Self Respect and Body Perception in Undergraduate Students
Egemen Ermiş
637 The Validity and Reliability of a Mobile Application of My Jump2 For Jump Performance: a Case Study
Halil Korkmaz
630 The Comparison of Physical Characteristics and Bio-Motor Skills of Female Students Attending Sports Management and Physical Education and Sport Teaching Departments
Hüseyin Özden Yurdakul
641 The Examination of Thoughts of Gym Teachers in Bursa about Folk Dances
Ahmet Nazım Gürak
642 Examination of Professional Problems of Folk Dances Trainers in Bursa
Ahmet Nazım Gürak
636 An Evaluation about Usage of Pedometers in Mobile Application
Elif Sibel Atış
30 Preparation of Water in Swimming Pool
Evrim Çelebi
23 MAY 2017, TUESDAY
10:00 - 10:10 154 Examination of Attitudes of High School Students about Gym and Sports
Gökçe Çalıkuşu 
156 The Comparison of Attitudes of Gym and Sports Teacher Candidates in Two Different Universities about School Experiment Class
Bülent Ağbuğa
188 An Analysis of the Relationship Between Physical Attitudes Towards Physical Education and Sports Teaching and the Attachment Levels of Middle School Children
Mehmet Akif Filiz
195 Examination of Information Literacy of Gym Teacher Candidates
Dilek Yalız Solmaz
214 Evaluation of the Democratic Behavior of Teachers in High Schools According to Student Perceptions
Gülsen Özcan

Determination of the Factors Affecting Sports Participation Motivation of High School and Secondary School Students Who Sports
Bahri Güngör

495 The Comparison of Work-life Quality of Gym Teachers and Teachers in Other Branches
Özden Tepeköylü Öztürk
497 Occupational Problems Of Physical Education Teachers (An Example of Sivas Province)
İsmail İlter
549 Teaching Competence of Gym and Sports Teachers Candidates
Şakir Serbes
10:11 - 10:21 94 Investigation of Ayvalı Dere-Bursa and it's Environmental Uses Within the Scope of Urban Recreation Areas
Zeynep Pirselimoğlu Batman

The Effect of Sports and Recreation Activities on Loneliness Mood
Yener Aksoy


The Effect of Regular Exercise and Technology on Violence in Adolecents
Bülent Çam


The Effect of Attitude towards Sponsor and Perceived Sincerity for Sponsor on Brand Image in Sports Sponsorship
Melike Aktan


Determination of Recreational Resources and Recreational Activities in Wetland Ecosystems: Iznik Lake Sample
Aysun Çelik


The Self-Confidence and Gender Relationship in Sports Players: Patika Orienteering Example
Cemal Ozman


The Relationship between Free Time Management and Academic Success Level of Undergraduates
Emrah Serdar

296 The Effect of Time Spent for Playing and Friends on Violence in Secondary School Students
Mehmet Uyar
419 The Examination of Appropriateness Open Exercise Parks for Exercising in Terms of Environmental and Physical Conditions
Yeliz İlgar
10:22 - 10:32 171 The Attitude of Gym and Sports Teaching Students towards People who are Affected of Inefficacy
Dilara Ebru Uçar
414 Life Satisfaction Levels of Disabled People Who Sports and Non-Sports
Gamze Beyazoğlu
453 Cerebral Palsy and Sports
Murat Fatih Koçyiğit
511 Examination of the Effect of Creative Drama Activities on Social Progress Levels of Educable Children with Mental Disabilities
Menşure Aydın
464 Examination of Organizational Citizenship Behavior of Gym and Sports Teacher in Terms of Several Variables
Canan Bastık
10:33 - 10:44 494

Examination of Life Satisfaction Levels of Sports Players in Terms of Some Demographic Features: A Research on a Private Sports Health Center
Suzan Dal

502 Examination of Time Managements of Sports Center Members in Terms of Various Variables
Tebessüm Ayyıldız
530 Examination of Loyalty of Undergraduates for Sports Products in the Frame of Associational Marketing
Ercan Polat
201 Examination of Organizational Stress Sources of Managers in Sports Facilities
Cemile Nihal Yurtseven
553 Examination of Healt Thoughts of Teachers for Recreational Activities in Terms of Some Variables
Uğur Sönmezoğlu
227 The Effect of Participation in Recreational Activities on Work Satisfaction
Yener Aksoy
10:45 - 11:00 480 Determination of Life Quality Levels of Academicians According to Physical Activity Participation
Atalay Derer
629 Research of Validity and Safety of Wearable Bio-electrical Impedance Measure Device
Egemen Mancı
618 Examination of Professional Anxiety Level of Gym Teacher Candidates (Kocaeli University Example)
Gülşah Sekban
492 The Relationship between Individual-Organization Conformity and Employee Happiness
Nihal Yurtseven
14:00 - 14:10 19 Comparison of Listening Skills of Sports Sciences Faculty Students and Students in other Faculties
Tuğba Onat
24 Examination of Depression Levels of 9th and 10th Class Students Who Sports and Non-Sports
Eyüp Acar
41 Examination of Aggression Levels of Individual and Team Player Undergraduates
Gül Çavuşoğlu
43 Examination of Secondary School Students' Attitude towards Gym Class (Samsun Example)
Gül Çavuşoğlu 
157 The Relationship between Body Mass Index and Motor Skills in Preschool Kids
Meryem Gülaç
198 Examination of Anxiety Levels of Sports Players Having Impaired Hearing who Sports Actively
Nurullah Emir Ekinci

Examination of Knowledge of Young Sports Players about Doping as an Effect of Doping Tendency in Terms of Some Variables
Yavuz Öntürk


Examination of Adolescent Sport Players' Anxiety and Self-confidence Levels in Terms of a Few Variables: Sports Training Centers Examples
Yavuz Öntürk

264 Examination of Work Satisfaction and Organizational Loyalty of Gym Trainers
Mehmet Köse
14:11 - 14:21 294

Examination of Mental Endurance of Sports Players who Participated in International Competitions
Kibar Genç

302 Examination of Smart Phone Addiction Levels of Undergraduates
Bilgetekin Burak Günar
345 Examination of Social Look Anxiety Levels of Students at School of Physical Education and Sports
Kürşat Senger
347 Examination of Sports Activities Participation and Social Adaptation Levels of Adolescents in Sports Schools (Kocaeli Example)
Arda Öztürk
404 The Factors Motivating for Sports Participation of Undergraduates and Differences between Genders
Ümit Doğan Üstün
14:22 - 14:32 405 The Reasons Motivating Undergraduates to the Sports who are Interested in Different Sports Branches
Ümit Doğan Üstün
408 Evaluation of Motivation of Elite Veteran Badminton Players in Terms of Gender
Ahmet Yapar
447 Determination of Bio-motor Features in 12-14 Age Group Women Basketball Players
Zehra Ercan
455 Comparison of Reconciliation of Perceptions of Physical Self in Çukurova University Engineering Faculty and Faculty of Education students
Cem Yoksuler Yılmaz
478 Feminist Theories and Sports
Pınar Yaprak Kemaloğlu
483 Determination of Sports Identity and Continuous Sportive Self-Confidence Status of Undergraduates who Play Basketball
Kürşat Senger
507 Examination of Assertiveness Levels of Undergraduates who Do Taekwando and Muay-Thai
Tebessüm Ayyıldız
551 Examination of Leadership Features of Students at School of Physical Education and Sports
Gürsel Avşar
566 Simple and Selective Reaction Time Values of Wrestlers Having Impaired Hearing
Betül Coşkun
14:33 - 14:44
318 Examination of Self-Leadership Levels of Academicians in Sports Sciences Faculty
Okan Ünver
393 Comparison of Time Management Perceptions of Students in Department of Physical Education and Sports and Department of School Teaching
Osman Gümüşgül
407 Satisfaction Level of Participants of Governorship of Bolu Geriatrics Center
Şebnem Avcı
633 A Historical Approach to the Importance of Physical Activity on Academic Success and Self-Respect of Children
Suat Utkan Çalık
226 The Effect of Training and Race Periods on Depression
Yener Aksoy
173 Determination of the Relationship between Idle Time Satisfaction Levels and Exhaustion Levels of Undergraduates who Participate in Recreational Events
Emrah Serdar
643 The Effect of Exercise on Neurogenesis
Şerife Vatansever
534 Examination of the Relationship between Physical Activity Level and Working Skills in Firemen
Ertuğrul Demirdel
644 What is  Strategy and Strategic Thinking in Sports ?
Atakan Yıldız